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Undergraduate research opportunities

One of the opportunities offered by Cornell that few other institutions can provide is to work side-by-side with world renown faculty on research. Most faculty at Cornell engage in research and will welcome undergraduates into their lab.

Undergraduate researchers can earn credit for their experience, they may get paid to do research, and they often are listed as authors on scientific papers. Many Cornell faculty can trace their road to becoming a professor to a research experience they had as an undergraduate. Student research projects can be like a “boot camp for the brain” that yields skills important in many professions. These skills  include independent problem solving, project management, working collaboratively with other members of a project, and honing advanced written and oral communication skills that connect one’s own work with larger group and societal goals.

All Plant Sciences majors are encouraged to engage in a research experience of some type at least once during their time at Cornell. The first step is simply to ask faculty if there are opportunities available. Although structured research programs are available, many opportunities are less formal and come through internships and word-of-mouth. Undergraduate researchers may even apply to graduate with honors.

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