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Undergraduate minors

The School of Integrative Plant Science offers six different minors, from a general minor in Plant Sciences to others that engage Cornell students more deeply in some of the critical areas of plant science.

Plant Sciences Minor

Advisor: Walter De Jong
Eligibility: Plant Sciences majors are not eligible.

  • At least 15 credits in Plant Sciences coursework.
  • PLSCI 1420, Functional Plant Biology (3 credits)
  • PLBIO 2410, Introductory Plant Biodiversity and Evolution (3 credits)
  • At least one course from the list below:
    PLBIO 2440: Evolutionary Plant Biology (3 credits)
    PLBIO 2480: Vascular Plant Systematics (4 credits)
    PLBIO 3420: Plant Physiology (3 credits)
    PLBRG 2250: Plant Genetics (4 credits)
    PLSCI 1115: The Nature of Plants (3 credits)
    PLSCI 4460: Plant Interactive Biology (3 credits)
    PLSCS 2600: Soil Science (3 credits)
  • At least two other instructor-led courses (minimum 6 credits) with the PL-prefix at the 2000 level or greater, except for PLBIO 2400, PLBIO 2490, PLSCS 2940, PLHRT 2010 and PLHRT 3250.

Crop Management Minor

Advisor: Toni DiTommaso
Eligibility: All undergraduates

  • 12 credits beyond major
  • At least 3 credits of crop science (PLSCS 2110, PLSCS 4050, PLSCS 3170, PLSCS 4130, PLSCS 4140)
  • At least 3 credits of plant protection/pest management (PLSCS 3150, PLSCS 4440, ENTOM 3410, PLPPM 3010)
  • At least 3 credits of soil science (ANSC 4120, PLSCS 2600, PLSCS 3210, PLSCS 3650, PLSCS 4660, PLSCS 4720)
  • Equivalent transferred courses can be substituted. For students with majors such as Agricultural Sciences and Plant Sciences, addition of this minor helps prepare them for the Certified Crop Advisor examination, which provides an important credential for jobs in agriculture and environmental management.

Fungal Biology

Advisor: Kathie Hodge
Eligibility: All undergraduates

  • Requirement for 11 credits minimum, including 5 credits below.
    • PLPPM 3190: Mushrooms of Field and Forest (2 credits)
    • PLPPM 4490: Mycology (3 credits)

Horticulture Minor

Advisor: Frank Rossi
Eligibility: All undergraduates

  • 15 credits beyond major, including 7 credits below:
    • PLSCI 1101: Plant Science and Systems (4 credits)
    • PLSCI 1115: The Nature of Plants (spring, 3 credits)
  • 8 credits in 2000-level PLHRT courses
  • Accommodations for transfer students (course substitution per advisor)

Plant Breeding Minor

Advisors: Don Viands and Mark Sorrells (lead)
Eligibility: All undergraduates

  • Requirement for 15 credits minimum, including 10 credits below.
    • PLBRG 2010: Plants, Genes, and Global Food Production (3 credits)
    • PLBRG 2250: Plant Genetics (4 credits)
    • PLBRG 4030: Genetic Improvement of Crop Plants (3 credits)

Soil Science Minor

Advisor: Toni DiTommaso
Eligibility: All undergraduates

  • 14 credits beyond major
  • PLSCS 2600: Soil Science (required)
  • At least two additional courses (minimum 7 credits) in soil science
  • At least one course (minimum 3 credits) in environmental information sciences (PLSCS 2200, PLSCS 4110, PLSCS 4200)
  • Students qualify for the Civil Service classification as Soil Scientist (GS-0470) if they take an additional 12 credits in biological, physical, and earth sciences. Civil Service classification as Soil Conservationist (GS-0457) is achieved with the minor plus 12 credits in natural resources and agriculture and 3 credits in applied plant science.

Declaration of Intent

Students wishing to complete one of the minors listed above should submit the declaration of intent form.