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Plant Science Majors and Alumni

Matthew Bond
Plants are Matthew Bond’s passion. And at Cornell, he has found plenty of opportunities to pursue his passion and a place filled with others who share his focus on plants and plant research.
Elizabeth Buck
Dual majors helped provide the content and the context to prepare this recent graduate to help vegetable growers thrive.
Alfonso Doucette
With help from Cornell mentors, a passion for Dracula orchids has taken this alum to the next level as a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 
Emily Follett
Follett gained competence and confidence in sustainable apple production.
hannah fuller
Fuller’s love of plants blossomed into an engagement with sustainable food systems.
Nick Glynos
Nick Glynos quickly found plenty of opportunities to satisfy his love for plants -- from a challenging internship to meaningful real-life research experience to volunteering to help share the wonder of plants with the public.
Maddy Olberg (GPN magazine photo)
Research and internship opportunities have helped this honor student see how plant science can lead to practical applications.
Jeremy Pardo
A chance to do research and build a greenhouse made Jeremy’s freshman year memorable.
Alex Traven
Traven has a passion for food, and he knows many of his fellow millennials want their plants to be edible as well as ornamental. Now he's putting to work what he learned managing Dilmun Hill student farm in his family's business.
Zerry Zhou
Minoring in computer science is helping this transfer from China to prepare for a future in molecular or computational biology.