Learning objectives for the Plant Sciences Major

Upon completion of the Plant Sciences Major, students will be able to:

Use major concepts and principles from multiple areas of life science to explain plant-related phenomena

  • Describe plant biology at genetic, molecular, physiological, and organismal levels to integrate plant functionalities in a hierarchical manner, from individual cells to the biosphere.
  • Discuss evolution as the foundation of all biological systems and integrate evolutionary biology to describe patterns of plant diversity and ecological interaction.

Contribute to the expansion of the plant science knowledge base in the modern era

  • Formulate original questions about plants and translate these into empirically testable hypotheses.
  • Collect and analyze data obtained from original research, using methods that are reproducible.
  • Translate and apply experimental data to advance the field and solve real-world problems.

Articulate the influences of plant science on the world

  • Discuss natural and managed ecosystems at local, regional, and global levels and evaluate their effects on environmental sustainability and human health.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the ethical principles and global consequences associated with past, present, and future advances in plant science.
  • Succinctly and clearly communicate information about the breadth of issues in plant science to diverse audiences in oral and written formats.