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Plant Sciences major degree requirements

Students in the Plant Sciences major must complete three sets of requirements:  

  1. College - View college requirements
  2. Major - View Major requirements
  3. Concentration - See information below

Plant Sciences concentrations

All students who major in Plant Sciences must declare a concentration. This will provide a more focused approach to coursework with the aim of honing marketable skills for immediate post-graduation employment or transition to graduate or professional study.

All PS students who matriculate as freshmen or sophomores must declare a concentration by the beginning of their junior year. Students matriculating as junior transfer students must declare an intended concentration by the end of their first semester at Cornell. Plant Sciences majors must satisfy all course requirements for at least one of the concentrations listed below.

  1. Ecology of Managed Landscapes (Ecology)
  2. Organic Agriculture (Organics)
  3. Plant Breeding & Genetics (Breeding)
  4. Plant Computational Biology (Big Data)
  5. Plant Evolution and Systematics (Evolution)
  6. Plant Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology (Physiology)
  7. Plant Pathology & Plant-Microbe Biology (Plant Diseases)
  8. Plants and Human Health (Medicinal Plants)
  9. Public Garden Management (PGM)
  10. Soil Science (Soils)
  11. Sustainable Plant Production (Sustainability)
  12. Design Your Own Concentration (DYOC)

You may not substitute a CALS minor or a second major for a concentration.

Declaration of the intended concentration must be made by the beginning of the junior year for students matriculating as freshmen or sophomores and by the end of the first semester at Cornell for students matriculating as upper-class transfer students.

Detailed information about requirements for each of the Plant Sciences concentrations can be found here.  

[Updated 2019-11-09]