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Research Support Facilities

Plant Transformation Facility

The Plant Transformation Facility, located in B22 Weill Hall on the Cornell campus, is charged with supporting the plant biology research of Cornell faculty by making transgenic plants of time-consuming or hard-to-transform species with a particular focus on New York State crops. With the explosion of interest in gene editing technologies, much of the work involves CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome modification.


The CALS Office of Information Technology is composed of two major areas and teams: Systems & Operations facilitates the use of information technology for teaching, research, and outreach. Administrative Computing is a development team that focuses on information technology solutions and services which enhance the academic mission and business process of CALS.

Mann Library

Mann Library is one of the premier academic libraries in the US, supporting learning and research in the life sciences, agriculture, human ecology and applied social sciences.

Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit

CSCU is a professional service group that aims to strengthen research on campus by assisting scholars with using statistical methods in their research in the most optimal way. Services provide statistical expertise to the entire Cornell community through consulting, instruction, and contract services.

Research Data Management Service Group

RDMSG is a collaborative, campus-wide organization that assists with creating and implementing data management plans, applying best practices for managing data, and finding data management services at any stage of the research process.

Biotechnology Resource Center

Research Commercialization