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Complete profiles of the multiple research interests of many faculty and senior academics can be found in the Faculty and Senior Academics Directory. To search for faculty in specific disciplinary areas, see lists in the various Graduate Fields

Culinary and Health Benefits

  • Michael Mazourek’s program is focused in part on development of specialty vegetables such as small, extra sweet squash and peppers with altered taste profiles for enhancement of the aesthetic and culinary appeal of New York produce.
  • Michael Gore’s research group engages in genetic dissection of metabolic seed traits to increase content of nutrients such as vitamin A and  provitamin A carotenoids
  • Courtney Weber develops improved berry varieties with emphasis on disease and insect resistance, fruit quality, and beneficial phytochemicals (Weber news)

Enhancing the Human Environment

Promote the significance of gardens and natural areas to human health and education

  • Don Rakow teaches and publishes on the design, history, and management of public gardens
  • Lori Brewer works with CCE educators and Master Gardener Volunteers to promote successful gardening experiences for NYS households
  • Marcia Eames-Sheavly if focused on enhancing aesthetic appreciation of plants and promoting connection with plants through garden-based learning
  • Christopher Dunn, Director of Cornell Botanic Gardens, oversees Cornell’s 3500 acres of botanical gardens, arboretum, and network of natural preserves, and promotes a mission of conservation and community engagement.

Promote and optimize the growth of plants in urban and other developed settings

Provide horticultural resources for growers and producers of turf and ornamentals

  • Mark Bridgen, Director of the Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center, focuses on new plant development, breeding, and propagation of herbaceous ornamentals and flowers
  • Bill Miller researches floricultural crop production and postharvest physiology, with a focus on growth control, ethylene effects on plants, carbohydrate metabolism in bulbous plants, and physiological disorders.
  • Frank Rossi addresses practical problems in turfgrass management with emphasis on environmental compatibility and economic feasibility (Rossi news)

Faculty and senior researchers working in Human Health and Well-being:
Nina Bassuk - Lori Brewer - Mark Bridgen - Marcia Eames-Sheavly - Michael Mazourek - Bill Miller - Donald Rakow - Frank Rossi - Anu Rangarajan - Christopher Dunn