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Services and Pricing

At the Cornell University Plant Transformation Facility (PTF), we offer three basic types of services—plant transformation, consulting, and user access to some of our instruments. See below for more information about these services and pricing.

Plant Transformation Services

We currently transform rice and maize using Agrobacterium tumefaciens. In all cases we provide a minimum of 10 independent transgenic events, but any additional events achieved will also be provided to the user at no additional charge. We ship fully regenerated and rooted T0 plants (plantlets) in tissue culture for the user to transplant to soil. If plantlets are not an option for you, please contact the facility director to discuss whether we can accommodate your needs.

To discuss the possibility of PTF transforming a crop or genotype other than those listed here, please contact the facility director.



Method and explant

Number of events

Form of delivery

Internal rate

External rate

Rice (Oryza sativa ssp. japonica) Nipponbare Agrobacterium, immature seed 10 Rooted plantlets $955 $1,538
Kitaake Agrobacterium, immature seed 10 Rooted plantlets $955 $1,538
Rice (Oryza sativa ssp. indica) IR64 Agrobacterium, immature embryo 10 Rooted plantlets $1,630 $2,625
Maize (Zea mays) B104 Agrobacterium, immature embryo 10 Rooted plantlets $2,335 $3,760

Other Services

PTF also offers consulting services and user access to specific PTF instruments. Our consulting services include 1) general consulting, such as with construct and experiment design or how to perform CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, 2) transformation of a new crop or genotype, and 3) method development. For instrument access, all work must be scheduled and approved in advance and performed in the facility during normal business hours. We provide training on all of the instruments and, in the case of the gene guns, all necessary non-molecular supplies. 



Internal rate

External rate


General consulting Per hour $80 $129
Transformation of a new crop or genotype Per hour $80 $129
Method development Per hour $80 $129

User access to PTF instruments

Gene guns (PDS-1000/He System stationary gene gun or Helios Gene Gun, variable pressure) Per bombardment $20 $33
Real-time PCR machine (CFX Connect System) Per plate or partial plate $20 $33
Plate reader (MPLATE)* Per plate or partial plate $20 $33

* The MPLATE includes 415 nm, 450 nm, 490 nm, 595 nm, 655 nm, and 750 nm interference filters. 

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Contact Us

To initiate a service request, learn more about how PTF may contribute to your research program, request a letter of support for a grant proposal, or propose a collaboration, contact:

Matthew R. Willmann, Ph.D.
Director, Plant Transformation Facility
B18 Weill Hall