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A diverse array of Andropogoneae tribe grasses

Grass genes tapped to breed better crops

Oct 18, 2018
Cornell researchers will tap into genetic information found in more than 700 species of related grasses to improve maize and sorghum, thanks to a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation. Read more

Cornellians use their education to serve fellow Africans

Oct 18, 2018
Cornellians Stephen Mugo, Ph.D. ’99, and former postdoctoral student Sylvester Oikeh came full circle recently when they returned to the university Oct. 7 to share the story of how they’ve used their education for humanitarian purposes in Africa. Read more

Digital agriculture initiative to tackle food security challenges

Oct 12, 2018
Experts predict that in 2050 the world population will be about 9.7 billion people. Cornell is answering the call with a large-scale collaborative push: the Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture (CIDA), which was formally introduced at the Cornell Digital Ag Workshop, Oct. 9. The initiative – to be led by Susan McCouch, SIPS Plant Breeding and Genetics Section – will pool the knowledge and resources of disciplines across the university to develop new ways to address food security. Read more

Growing the World’s Food in Greenhouses

Oct 8, 2018
Can greenhouse crop production become efficient enough to produce food for the masses?  Given the labor and energy costs involved, one of the main questions driving Neil Mattson’s work is whether it is realistic and economically viable to scale up controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to feed the masses. Mattson's research involves studies of the use of LED lighting systems and the scalability of urban CEA. Read more
students display their ePortfolios

Plant Sciences Majors showcase ePortfolios

Oct 5, 2018
Thirty-eight students majoring in Plant Sciences and enrolled in PLSCI 1110 presented their ePortfolios on October 4 at an open house in 404 Plant Science. PLSCI 1110 “Collaboration, Leadership, and Career Skills in the Plant Sciences”, taught by Marvin Pritts and Leah Cook, provides students with opportunities to meet other students and faculty associated with the major, develop skills in the discipline, and make connections with the world beyond the campus. Read more

11 SIPS grad students recognized at dean’s scholars pinning ceremony

Oct 5, 2018
Joshua Garcia, Uriel Menalled, Anne Kearney, Christopher Hernandez, Jonathan Gonzalez, Breanne Kisselstein, Franklin Christopher Peritore, Patrick Mendoza, Jesus Martinez-Gomez, Eugene Law, and Rachelle LaCroix were among the more than 30 new and continuing Dean’s Scholars recognized at the Graduate School Dean’s Scholars pinning ceremony, held September 26. Read more

A history of Gala vs. Red Delicious apples

Sep 20, 2018
With the U.S. Apple Association predicting Gala will take the title of most popular apple replacing Red Delicious, Susan Brown, apple breeder and member of the SIPS Horticulture Section, provided Morning Ag Clips with the history behind both varieties. Read more