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Cassava is Genetically Decaying, Putting Staple Crop at Risk

Apr 27, 2017
A team at Cornell used genomic analysis of cassava varieties and wild relatives to reveal that mutations have corroded the cassava genome, producing many dysfunctional versions of genes and putting at risk a crop crucial to the survival of one-tenth of the world’s population. Read more

Mattson and Whitlow discuss urban agriculture in PeriodiCALS

Apr 21, 2017
Neil Mattson and Tom whitlow of SIPS Section fo Horticulture have set their sights on such urban innovations. With varied areas of focus, from climate change to food and social injustice to human health, they and other CALS faculty agree that challenges related to these issues can be traced to the severe lack of space in increasingly population-dense cities. Read more

Glynos receives ‘Young Botanist’ award

Apr 16, 2017
Plant Sciences major Nicolas Glynos ’17 has received a Young Botanist Award by the Botanical Society of America. The award recognizes outstanding graduating seniors in the plant sciences nationwide. Read more

Researchers Look for Genetic Clues to Help Grapes Survive Cold

Mar 29, 2017
Understanding how grape buds respond to subzero temperatures is of paramount concern to vineyard managers in New York and other northerly grape-producing states. Al Kovaleski, PhD student in the Field of Horticulture, is creating 3-D images of grape buds to unravel the genetic underpinnings of supercooling in grape buds. Read more

Rangarajan featured at PCCW symposium

Mar 19, 2017
Roughly 100 Cornell alumnae gathered March 4 as part of the 2017 President’s Council of Cornell Women Symposium, “Feeding the World Sustainably.” Highlights included presentations on food ethics by Andrew Chignell, professor of philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania and visiting associate professor in Cornell’s Sage School of Philosophy, and on small farms by Anu Rangarajan in the SIPS Section fo Horticulture. Read more

Cornell Experts to Convene Soil Summit March 28-29

Manure spread
Mar 15, 2017
The Soil Summit will provide the opportunity for produce growers, educators, and researchers to discuss and identify barriers to using and producing compost while helping support growers in minimizing food safety risks on the farm. Read more