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News and Events

  • SIPS Blog, Discovery that Connects
    Promotes discoveries, activities, and awards featuring members of the SIPS community
  • News briefs
    Highlights some of the many interesting and newsworthy activities of SIPS faculty, staff, and students
  • Seminars and Events
    A curated list of Seminars and Events of interest to SIPS personnel for the current week and the week following. Events lists are divided into seminars sponsored by the individual SIPS sections and plant and agriculture related seminars and events held elsewhere on the Ithaca and Geneva campuses.  Events listed on this page are emailed to SIPS personnel weekly.
  • Seminar Attendee Check-In
    Portal for students attending seminars for credit to register attendance
  • Upcoming workshops
    On the Cornell and Geneva campuses of interest to SIPS personnel
  • SIPS Staff Kudos
    Recognize SIPS staff for their contributions

Complete list of SIPS-related seminars and events in the Cornell calendar