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CALS International Programs

Programs meet the challenges of development, food security and sustainably through teaching, research, outreach programs and innovative projects involving undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and mid-career professionals.


Rice Diversity Project

A collaborative effort to explore the genetic basis of variation in rice and its wild ancestors. The project evaluates genotypes and phenotypes in a diverse set of rice accessions and uses association mapping to link genotype and phenotype.


Transnational Learning

Works with partner institutions mainly in Africa with the aim of increasing food security by providing the learning and technical resources critical to building academic and research capacity including video learning modules, videoconferencing, academic support and communications support.

Alliance for Science

Building a global alliance of partners who believe in the common mission of solving complex global hunger issues by leveraging advances in agriculture including the creative tools and insights biotechnology can offer. Training partners around the world to communicate about science and promote evidence-based decision making.