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Food Production

Field crops

For corn, forage, small grain, and soybean producers.  Provides comprehensive information on each crop along with recommendations, videos, a newsletter and more.  



Cornell Fruit ResourcesFor commercial tree fruit, grape and berry growers. Newsletters, production, pest management, post-harvest and marketing information for each crop and more.



For commercial fresh-market and processing vegetable growers. Pest, disease and weed management information, reduced-tillage vegetables, cover crops, high tunnels.




Forest mushroom production. Log-based Shiitake cultivation, Stropharia, Lions Mane, Oyster Mushrooms and more.



Cornell Garden-Based Learning site offers how-to gardening advice, vegetable and fruit growing guides, vegetable variety information, and more.



Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

From low-tech techniques such as row covers and high tunnels, to fully automated, computer-controled hydroponic greenhouses, CEA practices help extend harvests of locally grown food.