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Featured Extension and outreach programs

adapt-n frontpage
Online precision nitrogen management tool for corn grain, silage and sweet corn uses well-calibrated computer model and high-resolution weather data to fine-tune N rates and increase profits. Learn more.
annual flower trials homepage
View results and photo galleries from 10 years of annual flower and foliage plants at Bluegrass Lane Turf and Landscape Research Center. Visit site.
capital district homepage
Provides agricultural and horticultural education through workshops, newsletters and consultations utilizing traditional and electronic means. Counties included in the program are: Albany, Columbia, Greene, Schenectady and Washington. Visit site.
gbl youtube playlist
Archive of webinars for Extension horticulture educators on wide-ranging subjects. Recent topics include vertical gardening, hydroponics, school gardens, invasive species, and more. View videos.
Targeted to ordinary people with a tendency towards mycophilia. Explore the fascinating world of fungi, from friendly yeasts and tasty chanterelles to athletes food. Even in the fullness of their horrific evilness, fungi are cool. Learn more.
variety testing
Evaluations conducted by the Plant Breeding and Genetics Section include cucurbits, peppers, corn grain, forages, onions, tomatoes, potatoes and small grains. Visit site.
dig art cover
Arts activities for educators working with youth that integrates gardening with the arts. This guide will help to teach ecological literacy and inspire new enthusiasm for garden-based learning.  Gourd art, printmaking, time-lapse photography, and other creative projects. Visit project webpage.
Collaborative effort including 22 institutions around the world and led by Cornell University seeks to mitigate rust threats by replacing susceptible varieties with durably resistant varieties. Read more.
enychp homepage
Serving vegetable, tree fruit, small fruit and grape growers in the Champlain Valley, Capital Region and Hudson Valley, the program focuses on food safety, variety evaluation, market development, pest management, and cultural practices. Visit website.
flgp homepage
Provides research-based information to the region's grape growers including vineyard and pest management practices, new vineyard establishment, farm business management, marketing and business development and more.  Visit site.
gbl lesson favorites page
Integrate gardening into the classroom or informal learning settings. Most are designed for grades 2-8, though easily adaptable. Formats vary from one-pagers to full-length publications. View lessons.
Use these unheated greenhouse structures to extend the harvest season -- both early and late -- for vegetables, berries, cut flowers and herbs. Visit website.
Industrial hemp in the greenhouse
New York State is poised to become a major producer of industrial hemp, providing healthy hempseed oil and fiber for textiles, insulation and other uses. To realize its potential, Cornell is taking a leading role in research and extension on this promising new crop. Learn more.
Serving western New York and Erie County, Pa. program aims to help Concord and Niagara grape growers increase yields, profits, efficiency and product quality and adopt improved and environmentally sound cultural and pest management strategies. Visit site.
potato virus homepage
Over the past decade, Potato virus Y (PVY), Potato mop-top virus (PMTV) and Tobacco rattle virus (TRV) have emerged as serious disease problems in seed potato production areas in the U.S. Here's how to identify and manage this threat. Learn more.
Thinking about starting a vineyard? Here are the steps you need to take to be successful starting two years before you plant the first vine.​ Visit site.
nybn front page
Award-winning quarterly newsletter brings you cutting edge research and extension information from Cornell faculty and extension staff, along with feature articles by guest authors from around the world. View current and back issues.
northern grapes homepage
Multi-state research and extension programs designed to help producers overcome production and marketing constraints and increase the profitability and sustainability of emerging cold climate grape and wine industries in the Midwest and Northeast. Newsletterswebinars and more. Visit site.
nnyadp hort page
Administered through the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets with support from Cornell and other partners, the program's horticulture efforts serve fruit, vegetable, ornamental, and greenhouse growers across the region, including the use of season extension for everything from salad greens and tomatoes to berries and fresh-cut flowers. Visit site.
permaculture design
Permaculture gardens, farms, and backyards balance the provision of human needs with improvement of local ecosystem health. Expand your knowledge of permaculture through videos, readings, and activities and complete portions of design for a site of your choosing. Read more.
zone till in cover crop residue
Project focuses on overcoming the challenges of adopting reduced tillage systems for vegetable production in the Northeast and demonstrating how these systems improve soil quality, maintain yields, and reduce costs. Visit project site.
small farm quarterly cover
New ideas, tips and resources to help you farm profitably without getting bigger. For full-time and part-time farmers, experienced and beginning farmers, and even folks who are just thinking about getting into farming. View current issue and archives.
small farm videos
YouTube channel featuring small sustainable farmers in the Northeast US, covering topics ranging from marketing and profitability to producing vegetables, fruit, berries, poultry, pigs, sheep, and cheese. View videos.
titan arum
Follow the flowerings of Cornell's collection of Amorphophallus titanum. Also known as the Corpse Plant, this native of the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia produces the largest unbranched inflorescence of any flower on the planet -- as well as an incredible stench designed to draw flies and carrion beetles to pollinate the plant. Features timelapse videos and more. Visit the blog.
YouTube channel features hundreds of videos from CALS International programs, Einaudi Center for International Studies, AWARE, full Cornell University classes and more. View videos.
weed id homepage
This website helps New York turf and landscape managers to identify weeds using easily discerned plant characteristics. Lists control strategies compliant with the NYS Child Safe Playing Fields Act. Mobile friendly. Visit site.
colorful chard
Explore more than 6,000 vegetable varieties. You can also rate and review vegetables and read reviews from other gardeners to help you decide which might be best for your garden. Visit site.
woody plants database homepage
Use this tool to help you choose the right tree, shrub or woody vine based on your site’s conditions, and learn about new woody plants that you may not be familiar with. Visit site.