Featured Extension and outreach programs


Online precision nitrogen management tool for corn grain, silage and sweet corn uses well-calibrated computer model and high-resolution weather data to fine-tune N rates and increase profits. Learn more.

Cornell Mushroom Blog

Targeted to ordinary people with a tendency towards mycophilia. Explore the fascinating world of fungi, from friendly yeasts and tasty chanterelles to athletes food. Even in the fullness of their horrific evilness, fungi are cool. Learn more.

Industrial Hemp

New York State is poised to become a major producer of industrial hemp, providing healthy hempseed oil and fiber for textiles, insulation and other uses. To realize its potential, Cornell is taking a leading role in research and extension on this promising new crop. Learn more.

Permaculture online courses

Permaculture gardens, farms, and backyards balance the provision of human needs with improvement of local ecosystem health. Expand your knowledge of permaculture through videos, readings, and activities and complete portions of design for a site of your choosing. Read more.

Small Farms videos

YouTube channel featuring small sustainable farmers in the Northeast US, covering topics ranging from marketing and profitability to producing vegetables, fruit, berries, poultry, pigs, sheep, and cheese. View videos.