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Professional development for educators

Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program provides, lessons, program toolsvideos and training for garden educators, as well as the research that supports the benefits of garden-based programsNew York Agriculture in the Classroom helps educators, students, and their communities learn about and engage with agriculture and food systems.

Public gardens and farms

Cornell Plantations -- the university's botanical gardens, arboretum and nature preserves -- offers programs for all ages including classes, a fall lecture series and more. Dilmun Hill Student Farm -- Cornell's student-run farm managed by CUAES -- gives students and the community hands-on experience in ecological agriculture.

Distance Learning

Horticulture distance learning offers online courses in permaculture, botanical illustration and more for gardeners and professionals.  Northeast Beginning Farmers Project offers 5 to 7 week courses for aspiring, new and experienced farmers. View selected SIPS seminars live or later on YouTube.