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Moving to online instruction

Online instruction for all courses starts April 6. Here are resources to get you up and running quickly to provide your students with the best distance learning experience possible.

Questions or suggestions? Email Carlyn Buckler or Craig Cramer 

SIPS Teaching Group virtual brown bag lunches - Join Carlyn and others weekdays at noon to share questions, concerns, needs and successes on moving to online instruction.  Zoom link:

Center for Teaching Innovation: Preparing for Alternative Course Delivery during Covid-19 - Go-to site for technical and pedagogical help, including:

SIPS online teaching resources in Box - Repository for meeting notes from brown bag lunch virtual meetings, summaries of CTI webinars, and much, much more.

Distance Teaching (Surprise!) and COVID-19: A Lurker - Recommended by Mary McKellar, part of a series related to the impact of school and university closings that are catapulting schools into distance teaching on the fly.

From Karl Niklas "I would like to volunteer to help anyone teach online. I’ve lots of powerpoints to share. I can help tutoring students, etc. Of course I can only help with courses I am familiar with (botanically speaking)."