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Fall 2020 instruction online/in person

Resources for virtual instruction

CALS Canvas and Online Course Accessibility Support Request

Center for Teaching Innovation: Go-to site for technical and pedagogical help, including:

SIPS online teaching resources in Box:

  • Repository for meeting notes from brown bag lunch virtual meetings
  • summaries of CTI webinars
  • Virtual team building exercise contributed by Marcia Eames-Sheavly
  • and more!

Questions or suggestions? Email Carlyn Buckler or Craig Cramer

Resources for in-person instruction


Send any questions about room capacity to Leah Cook (lcc2)

  • PLBIO 2410: Margaret Frank: PLS 102, PLS107
  • PLBIO 2480: Jacob Landis, Chelsea Specht: MNL405
  • PLBIO 4500: Randy Wayne: PLS248
  • PLBIO 4831: Jeff Doyle, Jian Hua, Klaas Van Wijk: BDF105
  • PLBIO 6410: Jian Hua: PLS102
  • PLBIO 7420: Klaas Van Wijk: PLS143
  • PLBRG 4030: Mike Gore: PLS404
  • PLHRT 3000: Nina Bassuk, Don Rakow: Nevin Welcome Center 201X
  • PLHRT 3025/5025: Neil Mattson: Mann Libe Addition 160 (lec), GGGM130 (lab)
  • PLHRT 3050: Taryn Bauerle: PLS114 (or BGCXARB)
  • PLHRT 3500: Steve Reiners: PLS404
  • PLHRT 4400: Todd Bittner: Nevin Welcome Center 201X
  • PLHRT 4420: Marvin Pritts: PLS404
  • PLHRT 4730: Laurie Drinkwater: PLS404
  • PLHRT 4910: Nina Bassuk, Zachary Rood: PLS114
  • BIOG 1140: Bob Turgeon: WRN401, KND116
  • AGSCI 1125: Kari Richards, Toni DiTommaso: MNL103
  • PLPPM 4490: Teresa Pawlowska: PLS326
  • PLSCI 1101: William Miller: PLS404
  • PLSCI 1110: Marvin Pritts: BDF101
  • PLSCI 1125: Don Rakow: Nevin Welcome Center 201X
  • PLSCI 1300: Frank Rossi, Rachel Bezner Kerr: PLS233
  • PLSCI 5015: Chris Smart, Heather Grab: PLS114
  • PLSCI 6440: Mike Scanlon: PLS114
  • PLSCI 7201: Kelly Robbins, Malachy Campbell: PLS114
  • PLSCS 1120: Dan Buckley: PLS404
  • PLSCS 1900: Matt Ryan: MVR1101, PLS404
  • PLSCS 2110/4050: Tim Setter: GTR110
  • PLSCS 2200: Diana Sinton: MNLB30A, MNLB30B
  • PLSCS 2940: Bob Schindelbeck, Toni DiTommaso: Love Lab 125
  • PLSCS 3150: Kristine Averill: GTR110
  • PLSCS 3630: Jonathan Russell-Anelli: PLSG09
  • PLSCS 4110: Magdeline Laba, Verena Jauss (sj384): BDF108
  • PLSCS 4720/6720: Johannes Lehmann: PLS404, WRN151

Instruction related FAQ

If my class enrollment exceeds the cap can I allow audits

  • Increase online cap
  • Add observers to Canvas site of course

If we are TAing on-campus, will we have access to our grad student offices?

Yes, as long as everyone is 6 feet apart and wear masks that’s fine

Will students have access to the classroom to study plants before or after classroom hours?

Yes, if that space is not scheduled for other classes

What is the best way to provide closed captioning for live lectures?

If captions are required synchronously with lecture delivery they can be provided by a live captioner supplied by Cornell. Students in need should register with Student Disability Services.  Captioning of recordings is automatically generated by system AI if a lecture is recorded to the cloud. Editing of the AI captions is fairly straightforward if needed. See CALS Canvas and Online Course Accessibility Support Request

How can we get AV assistance in our classrooms?

  • Email Travis Johns <>  or John Hill <>
  • CALS-IT will work with you but make an appointment soon

What do I do if I need a camera?

  • Email CIT if you are in need a camera – not all tech works on the same system so they will need to set something up that meets your specific needs. e.g. 404 already has an external camera
  • you may also be able to use your phone as a document camera

I need better technology for recording lectures

CALS has set up mini studios in Emerson and Stocking for people to record lectures.  Learn more about mini studios, locations, equipment, and booking policies

Are we expected to clean our classrooms after class?


Can students use the bathrooms at Cornell Orchards or the Botanic Gardens?


Will Zoom function for students in China?

There is concern that Zoom may not work this fall. Sending recorded lectures may be an option, potentially through Box. for issues such as this, please share with Leah, Magdalen, or Chris what is working or not so that we can continue to develop best practices


  • Sanitizer and paper towels have been left in faculty offices.
  • Face shields and microphones will be distributed, likely on August 28
  • Note that face shields are only effective if the instructor stays 6 feet away from students. They are not effective if you are roaming the classroom


  • Those currently being distributed (August 28) will only be functional in teaching spaces with audio systems
  • If you need something else please let us know (Leah, Magdalen, or Chris)

When will I know who has enrolled for in-person and virtual instruction?

Tuesday, September 1