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Olena Vatamaniuk and Ju-Chen Chia image plants for nutrient uptake

Graduate student Andy Read looks at mechanisms of pathogenesis

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Science-based solutions for a changing world

In the coming decades, the world must arrive at solutions to the major challenges of feeding a burgeoning population, mitigating and adapting to climate change, and preserving biodiversity and essential ecosystem functions. Plants underpin all agricultural and natural ecosystems and environmental impacts on plant systems will cascade at local, regional, national, and international scales. But plants will also be the basis for solutions.  Our vision is to to help secure a sustainable future for coming generations.


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Digital agriculture initiative to tackle food security challenges

Oct 12, 2018
Experts predict that in 2050 the world population will be about 9.7 billion people. Cornell is answering the call with a large-scale collaborative push: the Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture (CIDA), which was formally introduced at the Cornell Digital Ag Workshop, Oct. 9. The initiative – to be led by Susan McCouch, SIPS Plant Breeding and Genetics Section – will pool the knowledge and resources of disciplines across the university to develop new ways to address food security. Read more

Growing the World’s Food in Greenhouses

Oct 8, 2018
Can greenhouse crop production become efficient enough to produce food for the masses?  Given the labor and energy costs involved, one of the main questions driving Neil Mattson’s work is whether it is realistic and economically viable to scale up controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to feed the masses. Mattson's research involves studies of the use of LED lighting systems and the scalability of urban CEA. Read more

Liberty Hyde Bailey Lecture

If you missed the June 10 Liberty Hyde Bailey Lecture Genomics and the Future of Agriculture, featuring  SIPS faculty members Susan McCouchGreg Martin, and Jim Giovannoni, it's available online.

Read more about the event on Discovery that Connects, the SIPS blog.

Victoria lily flowers in the new Liberty Hyde Bailey Conservatory

The Victoria lily (Victoria x ‘Longwood Hybrid’) in the water garden of the Liberty Hyde Bailey Conservatory has been flowering profusely since the Labor Day Holiday weekend. We were able to catch its first spectacular two-day flowering in the Conservatory in this time-lapse video. Learn more about this fascinating plant.